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paraIn the play Oedipus Rex, Oedipus has many negative qualities. The first flaw is stubbornness. Oedipus shows stubbornness, when he doesn't listen to the truth. Oedipus shows it by not listening to Tiresias: "Enough I won't listen to this sort of talk from you, Damn you! Get out of here, quickly(29)." Oedipus requested Tiresias for the truth, instead of taking advice from him he took everything in wrong way. He didn't listen to his advice, at all and decided to go with his own decision. Another example was when Oedipus blamed Creon. He therefore concludes Creon, his brother-in-law and royal colleague, wants to grab all royal powers for himself and to that purpose he thinks that Tiresias has been telling him lies:, "Don't you see your plan is foolish to hunt for a crown without number of friends(35) ". Oedipus has refused to listen to the truth in many parts of the story. Although Oedipus is a caring ruler who starts seeking an answer to people's problems he cannot stand it if he doesn't get what he immediately wants.

Another flaw Oedipus shows is his intelligence. He is blind to the truth in the beginning of the play, but in the end he loses his pride and is humbled by his downfall. Oedipus wanted to help the people from the plague. He started declaring curses to the killer of Laius: "That man whoever may be, I banish from his land where I sit, no one shall take him in or speak to him"(15). Oedipus used his intelligence by setting curses so that the killer would come forward. His main goal was to find out the truth the whole time but it unfortunately led to the downfall of Laius. Another example, was when Oedipus used his intelligence to figure out the riddle of the Sphinx: "The Sphinx with her riddling songs forced us to give up the mystery and think about recent matters". Everyone was worried about urgent matters so they did not focus on the killer of Laius. Everyone knew that Oedipus was highly intelligent people cared for him because he was their...
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