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Throughout many stories, characters have a certain opinion of themselves, or a certain way they view themselves, yet by the end of the story, they realize they are not who they thought they were. In the play Oedipus the King written by Sophocles this is exactly what happens. Oedipus is seen as the most tragic character because, in the beginning of the play he sees himself as a great, and intelligent man, although by the end of the play, Oedipus realizes his ignorance.

In the beginning of the play, Oedipus solves the riddle and defeats the Sphinx, which causes Oedipus views himself as one of a kind. After the Sphinx defeat, Oedipus is speaking to the Priest and describes himself as, “I Oedipus, whom all mean call great!”(11, line 8).  There have been many attempts to solve the riddle of the Sphinx, and Oedipus has been the only one to prove successful. This shows the reader that Oedipus has qualities which make him great. With this success, the citizens of Thebes admire Oedipus and request Oedipus to be their king and savior. The Priest comes to Oedipus begging for his help and says “Now Oedipus, greatest in all men’s eyes, here falling at your feet we all entreat you, find us some strength to our rescue…noblest of men, go, and rise up our city, go—and give heed. For now this land of ours calls you it’s savior since you saved it once. Raise up our city, save it, and raise it up”(12,line 40-45). The Priest praises Oedipus for defeating the Sphinx and saving their city once but now calls upon him to help solve the mystery of who murdered King Liaus and put and end to the plague in order to restore Thebes to it’s glory. It is Oedipus’s power

As king, Oedipus begins his quest to discover who murdered King Liaus. Oedipus speaks to Creon about the murderer of the king, when Creon reveals to Oedipus that Oedipus himself is the man he has been searching for. Oedipus seeks comfort in his wife Jocasta when Jocasta tells him not to concern himself with what Creon has...
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