Oedipus's downfall

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Oedipus; the blame for his downfall

The prophecy given to King Laius and Jocasta stated that their new born child Oedipus will eventually kill his father and marry his mother. To prevent the prophecy from coming true, King Laius and Jocasta ordered Oedipus to be abandoned in the mountains alone to die. Oedipus, escaping death unknowingly with the help of the Shepherd, continued on living life with the King and queen of Corinth, before his journey to Thebes, where the prophecies came true. Oedipus’s pride and hunger for knowledge resulted in the public knowing and his public shame. Even though he could not escape fate of his predetermined life, Oedipus should be blamed for his downfall, reminding us that knowledge is not always a good thing. Oedipus being a good king to his people, strived to put the plague over Thebes to end as he “would willingly do anything to please [them]” (Sophocles, 26), but did not realise that his hunger for knowledge soon lead to his downfall. Teiresias warns Oedipus after he brags about solving the ridding that his “great misfortune, and ruin” (Sophocles, 33) was his knowledge, but Oedipus continued to strive for more knowledge. As he soon begins to unravel the mystery of his past, Jocasta insists that he stop pursuing the knowledge of his past if he “wants to live” (Sophocles, 55), yet Oedipus refuses and says that he “must pursue this trial to end” (Sophocles, 55). He says he will not be satisfied until he has “unraveled the mystery of birth” (Sophocles, 55). With all the warnings, everyone around Oedipus realises the truth yet Oedipus refuses to believe it without hearing it and does not stop until he gets every bit of knowledge. Oedipus shows a lack of insight where he cannot “see [his[ own damnation” (Sophocles, 37) which can compared to Willy Loman from the novel The Death of a Salesman. They both did not see the truth of their surroundings and refuse to accept it immediately when it is given to them. If Oedipus had not been

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