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Odyssey/O, brother essay

By drakele Apr 20, 2014 490 Words
A. Because Ulysses Everett and Odysseus yearned to be home with their loved ones, the obstacles that they went through tested their physical and emotional strength to the ultimate degree.
a. When Everett gets on his knees at the end and prays to god, and throughout the movie he was saying how he didn’t believe in a higher power.
b. Odysseus, throughout the book, just wanted to get home and being stubborn he said wouldn’t sleep until he see’s penelope again.
c. both of the men dreaded how long the journey took and they only wanted to get home and be with their wife and kid(s)

B. Ulysses Everett and Odysseus’s abundance of excessive pride made their journey harder to accomplish.
a. Odysseus never seemed scared through all the obstacles him and his crew faced.
b. Everett was always cunning and sarcastic and never seemed too worried about the dire situation him and his friends were in. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Essay Rough Draft

Because Ulysses Everett and Odysseus yearned to be home with their loved ones, the obstacles that they went through tested their physical and emotional strength to the ultimate degree. Suitors/the KKK

With all the calamities Odysseus had to face, the last thing he wanted to do was kill off dozens of suitors. Being the proud and cunning person Odysseus is he killed off the suitors to be with his wife, Penelope, and son, Telemachus. This event really portrayed Odysseus’ devotion to family and his devotion to his kingdom. It also displayed that through all the misfortune Odysseus went through, was still physically and emotionally strong enough to fight off the dozens of suitors that invaded his home and tried to marry his wife. A similar event happened to Ulysses Everett. Everett and his companions observed a lynch mob ceremony and they noticed that their other companion, Tommy, was going to get executed because of the lynch mob’s cruel and racist practices. By using his wits and physical strength, Everett ran into the mob and interrupted their ritual. Everett knew he had to avenge his friend, just as Odysseus avenged Penelope and Telemachus.

Knowing the sheriff/ poseidon is always after them
Odysseus offended the god, Poseidon, by stabbing his son, Polyphemus, in the eye. Poseidon wanted to avenge his son, so he made Odysseus’ life hell. He delayed Odysseus' return home and reunion with his family by causing various storms and high winds to push Odysseus further from Ithaca, and at one point caused a shipwreck which drowns all his crew. Odysseus always knew that Poseidon was after him, which caused Odysseus to get very paranoid. Poseidon’s cruelty never stopped Odysseus’ determination to get home and see his kingdom and family. The warden, at which the prison Everett escaped, devoted his time to get Everett back in prison.

Lotus eaters/ congregation getting baptized
Scylla and Charybdis/ being caught in the farm

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