Odysseus Essay

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In this epic poem of the Odyssey, it displays arrogance, heroism, and cleverness. A quote that represents Odysseus well is by Garth Stein: The true hero is flawed. The true test of a champion is not whether he can triumph, but whether he can overcome obstacles - preferably of his own making - in order to triumph. Like all heroes on their journey they will eventually complete their quest, but there will always be hardships along the way. Especially with Odysseus rash decisions.

In book 9 one of Odysseus’s mistake is when he tells the cyclops his name. As he was escaping the cyclops he gave the cyclops his name. “Cyclops, if anyone asks who put out your eye say it was Odysseus of Ithaca!” (P.109) Odysseus told the cyclops his name because he wanted the glory of what he did. The character trait showed in this passage is, “Arrogance .” This choice portrayed arrogance because instead of getting away from the island safely with fresh supplies, he decided to tell the Cyclops his name and try and take the glory for himself. Because of that decision he was cursed by Poseidon and he added 17 more years at sea. The reason this choice mattered to other people as well because, it affected Odysseus’s crew as much as it affected Odysseus, if not more so. His entire crew was at sea battling storms for a very long time because of Poseidon's curse. Also in the end they eventually died. This is important because if Odysseus had not told the cyclops his name he would have given the cyclops the opportunity to curse him and his crew.

Another mistake is when Odysseus trusts his men not to eat the cattle. The reason this choice mattered so much is because it affected Odysseus’s crew as much as it affected Odysseus, The character trait revealed here is “To Trusting.” I think he is too trusting because in this example he completely leaves his men and climbs to the top of the mountain to pray to the gods. Think about it the men have been at sea for a long time eating nothing...
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