Topics: Scylla, Greek mythology, Charybdis Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: December 15, 2013
'The things we cant 'see' are often more frightening then things we can see, because our own imaginations come into play' How far do you agree with this statement with reference to the sirens, scylla and charybdis?

I diagree with this statemment because i think Syclla is the most frightening of them all as she is the only one in book twelve who is described so we have an mental image of her in our head. I will now explain who syclla is and what she does during book twelve in detail. In book twelve Scylla has ' twelve feet, all dangling in the air, and six long scrawny necks, each ending in a grisly head with triple rows of fangs, set thick and close, and darkly menacing death. Scylla is also described as a ' repuslive monster... A creature with a dreadful bark' and that ' her yelp is no louder than a new borns pups'. She is aslo described as a 'thing of terrror' and that she has 'intractable claws and impossible to fight'. In book twelve Circe tells him about two different courses he can take to go home. The first one contains Rovers, moving rocks that are impossible for any ship to get through.The second route holds two dangers: Skylla, a sea monster with six heads that eats men, and Charybdis, a whirlpool that sucks in and vomits out the sea three times a day.Surprisingly, this is the better option. Circe advises Odysseus to hug the cliff of Skylla and sacrifice six men rather than risk losing his whole ship to Charybdis. Also, he should race through as quickly as possible instead of trying to fight her. Scylla in book twelve ' snatches and carries off a man with each of her heads'. She then eventually ate some of his men. She in my ipinion is the most frightening because she cant be killed, no one/ man has ever escaped from her cave and also because we can 'see' her.

Although Scylla is the scariest of them all I still think that Charybdis and The sirnes are quite frightening but not as frightening as Scylla. I will now describe the other two monsters...
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