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The Odyssey: Chapter 5-8 Quiz
1.Odysseus tells the Cyclops that “it is Zeus’ custom to treat strangers kindly.” What is the Cyclops’ reaction to this? a.He offers Odysseus and his men food and wine
b.He ignores Odysseus and his men
c.He tells Odysseus that he is not afraid of Zeus
d.He tells them to leave

2.All of the following actions show Odysseus’ intelligence EXCEPT: a.He wants to find out who lives in the cave
b.He tells the Cyclops his name is Noman
c.He gets the Cyclops drunk on wine
d.He hides the fact that his boat is docked nearby

3.What was one of Odysseus’ mistakes with the Cyclops?
a.He reveals where his ship is docked
b.He yells back at the Cyclops and tells him his name
c.He didn’t make the stick sharp enough to kill the Cyclops d.He yells loudly so the other Cyclopes come to the rescue

4.Why couldn’t the men kill the Cyclops and still survive? a.The Cyclops’ rams would get angry and attack
b.They didn’t have a weapon to kill the Cyclops
c.The other Cyclopes were guarding the door and would eat them all d.They wouldn’t be able to move the heavy rock blocking the door

5.After Odysseus and his men left the Lord of the Winds, Odysseus says “Ah, but our own foolishness spoiled his plan.” What event is being foreshadowed in this line? a.The bag of wind getting stolen

b.Odysseus’ men opening the bag of wind
c.Odysseus throwing the bag of wind overboard
d.The men losing the bag of wind

6.Considering Eurylochus’ actions at Circe’s palace, what two adjectives best describe him? a.Cautious and cowardly
b.Adventurous and brave
c.Smart and courageous
d.Scared and unhelpful

7.After spending 1 year with Circe, Odysseus’ men tell him “Captain, this is crazy…It’s time you thought of your own home.” What does this tell us about how Odysseus has been acting on Circe’s island? a.He’s been trying to figure out a way home

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