Odwalla Case Assignment

Topics: Shareholder, Fiduciary, Escherichia coli Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Odwalla Case Assignment
In the Odwalla Case there are many stakeholders. There are the employees, the customers, the communities, the media, the suppliers, and the shareholders. The most important stakeholder in this case is the owners: founder, Greg Steltenpohl and CEO Stephen Williamson. I know they are the stakeholders because they not only have a direct economic transaction with the company but also, their actions affect the outcomes of the business. For example, they set up the values of the company to make their actions and products are safe and beneficial to their customers. Their interest is to make a totally fresh product—fresh juices. Their goal is to make juices that did not carry preservatives, unpasteurized, or have artificial ingredients. They are interested in fulfilling needs of other stakeholders such as communities. Odwalla does this by having providing community service efforts, providing scholarships, making donations, and creating recycling programs.

Another key stakeholder is the customers. They are the people buying the Odwalla juice and they expect to buy a product that is safe and stands by Odwalla’s market niche, “fresh, minimally processed juices and juice-based beverages.” Though Odwalla did not know there was E. Coli in their product, the customers’ interests were violated when many got severely sick from their product.

A primary stakeholder that is not directly discussed in the article are the wholesalers. The article states Odwalla markets their products through these supermarkets, specialty and natural food stores. A main interest of a wholesaler is to provide reliable products that customers trust. Through this e-coli breakout and what happened with the Odwalla Company, retailers could potentially not want to carry Odwalla juices in the possibility it could make their customers sick. Had Odwalla not made a recall on their products there could have been a chance that some of these retailers could boycott their products as...
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