Odor and Perfume

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Xing Cheng
Zhao Qin
Zeynep Sezer

Chanel Perfume

What’s the different of the man and woman’s perfume Man perfume is generally vegetation type, lady perfume with floral majority And from perfume bottles can see it, man perfume scent-bottle mostly concise have edge, lady perfume bottles are mostly curve. Man perfume bottle of color with grey,black, blue, give priority to warm color Lady scent-bottle color is rich, have beige, pink, red, etc Key message:

This product is a unisex perfume, so it cannot have obvious difference between man and woman.we should invite a artist to design a wonderful scent-bottle,a attractive bottle design will catch consumers’ eye .this will increase sales volume.

Special features:
Because to make both men and women can use, so perfume bottle cannot too feminine also cannot too hard, so two paragraphs are designed respectively scent-bottle may be better. Also we need to produce this unisex perfume which has unique flavor. This perfume will used by the couples who want to make their relationships strong. Another special feature is the products use an environment friendly materials which are biodegradable. There are still many problems of environmental protection in recent years.Our products with bio-degradable packaging.It is favorable to Protect the environment and can’t increase waste .

Our target consumers:
Our new perfume is produced for the young fashion people especially couple between 16-25 years old and who are living in english speaking countries. For our new product, we chose young generation because our product will launch in Valentine's day so we focus the young couples who wants to buy the present for each others. The other reseason of our target is: our product's lower price. We want to make the young people able to buy the product who have small budget.

As unique selling points, we focus on price. our unisex...
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