Ode to a nightingale

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Ode to a Nightingale
Personal Title:Sleep and Poetry

The first stanza begins with a deep agony of the speaker, meditating on the simple existence that his body has. He wants to escape the worries and concerns of life, age, and time and also to be free like the nightingale that he hears,singing deep in the dark forest where hardly any moonlight can reach. He can't see any of the flowers or plants around him, but he can smell them which leads him to think that wouldn't be so sad to die at night in the forest and the only being wich sees that would be just a nightingale. He thinks, it would be a rich experience to die, "to cease upon the midnight with no pain" while the bird would continue to sing even if he would not longer exist. The narrator confesses, he has been "half in love with easeful Death"comparing the nightingale with the perfect form for expressing the human soul.He also thinks how the song of the nightingale was heard and understood in ancient times by emperor and peasant,two different types of social classes,and which of them values most the song. The speaker vision is interrupted in the moment that the bird flees away, leaving him alone at the border between reality and fantasy.

In the second stanza the narrator is a dreamer, detached completely from the real world he wishes to understand all the pleasures that a human being can sense. He complains about his way of living, considering that his soul and mind are imprisoned in his own body, wondering how he could release them and more, when this would happen. He finds that the only answer to change his condition is death. He fears for the passage of time, for his condition in the future recognizing that he is no longer free and full of life like the bird, and he wants to come back to that freedom, usefulness and state of innovation. He wonders if perhaps death might release him from the tragedy of old age. The third and the fourth stanza are presenting the way of...

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