Odd Girl Out Essay

Topics: High school, Bullying, Teacher Pages: 1 (470 words) Published: November 19, 2013
The movie Odd Girl Out showed me taught me how high school is for girls. It really showed me from their point of view how tough it could be. It taught me that bullying really needs to be looked into more (which it has) on both gender sides. For boys all we do is go straight to being physical and that is more obvious, so the administration can handle those unresolved issues easier. On the other hand for girls it can be quite tough because they play a lot of mind games. They use different tactics like alienating someone or making up rumours. It is harder for teachers to figure out this is happening since it isn’t so obvious. Since I watched the movie I become more aware of the issue of bullying because what media puts into our heads is that there is just physical bullying, but their isn’t. I have noticed in the younger grades there is a lot of bickering and rumours spread around. You don’t see it as much once you reach secondary 5 but it can still happen. I also learnt from studying people at RHS that it can be quite hard trying to intervene in a fight just like the movie. Sometimes you don’t feel like it’s your place to do anything. I felt that I could relate to some of the characters. I have had friends who have struggled with themselves. By either doing drastic measures to their bodies by cutting or completely changing how they look. Also I related because Stacey pretends that nothing is wrong and tells that to Vanessa then she gets all happy and leaves that’s when Stacey talks behind her back to Nikki. Everyone has a friend like that who is very likeable (Stacey) but then talks behind their back. If I could put myself in one of the characters place it would defiantly be in the spot of Principal Jessup. I believe that she could of stopped the problem at its roots instead she let it grow into a huge dark time for Vanessa. Even if something is not physical most people have common sense when someone is being completely harassed to the point where Vanessa didn’t...
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