Odd Future

Topics: Hip hop music, Beat Generation, Poetry Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Odd Future is a hip-hop group from Los Angeles composed of multiple artists such as Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Taco, and many more. The beats are produced by aptly-named Hodgy Beats, as well as some contributions from Tyler the Creator, often referred to as the leader of the group. The main rappers on the tracks are Tyler the Creator and Domo Genesis, with many features from Hodgy Beats as well. The lyrics were very crude, profane, and violent, which is seemingly what helped them to gain such notoriety. With their original beats, shocking lyrics, and innovative rhyme scheme, it was easy to see what drew their huge fan base in over the last year or two. The group played dozens of songs, but highlighted their biggest hits and only played snippets of the others. “Yonkers”, which is Tyler the Creator’s biggest hit, was a very complex song with intricate lyrics and a strange beat. The lyrics contradicted themselves throughout the song, and they were performed very energetically. The beat was very dark and powerful, with an odd riff in between verses that grew on you throughout the song and got stuck in your head. Domo Genesis, the less controversial artist of the group, performed his verse of “Rella”, a song released by the group this summer. His lyrics were more typical of mainstream rappers, focusing on money, women, expensive clothes, and jewelry. In contrast, Tyler’s lyrics were generally about hardcore drugs, rape, murder, and controversial figures/issues such as Hitler and slavery. The biggest hit of the night was the song “Orange Juice”, a song by Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt (prominent member of the group who has been on a long hiatus), with Domo Genesis performing Earl’s verse for him. The song was very well-performed, sampling a catchy beat I recognized from the song “Lemonade” by Gucci Mane. The lyrics from Earl’s verse contained clever metaphors linked together by a very intricate rhyme scheme that...
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