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Topics: Tokyo, Odaiba, Temperature Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: November 11, 2008
The location of our targeted integrated resort plan is Odaiba, the largest artificial island as well as modern city island for tourist attraction in Tokyo bay, Japan. The reason that we choose Japan is the prediction coincides with a new survey which reports that Japan has the potential to become Asia’s second biggest casino market. The intension of using casino at the main proposed location is regarded Odaiba 30.6% and followed by Okinawa, 24.5% and etc. (Appendix 1), The head of gaming research for Merrill Lynch in Asia Sean Monahan estimates that the value of a license to operate in Japan could break records for the biggest amount ever paid to open a land-based casino. Monahan said it worth to $10bn to operate casino in Tokyo. The name of our resort will regard “Odaiba sand resort”. The type of resort will be urban casino base on survey which was established in Japan and (58%) people are interest visiting (Appendix 2). (Hakuhodo’s Casino Entertainment project, 2006)

Odaiba are easy access by expressway, airport service coaches, public transport and the privately operated sub way and taxi. The two expressway lines access Odaiba to enter from central Tokyo crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Average temperature in Tokyo bay is 16°C (61°F), August being the hottest and January the coldest. There's about 20°C difference between summer and winter. Odaiba have four distinct seasons, mild spring and fall, hot summer, and winter with a few snowfalls. (Appendix 3) March to May, or late September to November would be the right season in terms of climate, with mild temperatures and less rainfalls. (Sakura-house.2008)
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