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Topics: Employment, Management, Design Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Job diagnosis and job redesign
Akram, Md. Ali
Ashland University

Author Note
This paper is prepared for Organization Design, Development and Change Management taught by Mr. Michael Zerbe
Job Diagnosis and Job Redesign
A company may mistakenly believe that money is the only inspiration for their employees. For many people, job design is as important as reasonable payment in encouraging employees to be more effective. Job design has an impact on employee inspiration, job fulfillment and dedication to their company, all of which have an important effect on the performance of a company. Projects are often developed in a way that motivates expertise. Performance is separated into specific tasks, with the employee allocated to each process becoming very knowledgeable, precise and effective at doing it. However, an often neglected issue with expertise is that it generally has a negative effect on employee inspiration. While an employee may become very effective and knowledgeable at finishing a frequent process, the lack of wide range in their day can cause to dullness and a feeling of detachment from the overall objectives and success of the company. They feel that as long as they finish their job satisfactorily, there is no need to be involved with any other aspect of the company. A possible fix for company issue includes offering employees with more wide range in their work. One technique to do this is presenting job rotating, where employees move between different jobs regularly. Not only will this reduce the boredom of their work, but it will create a group with a broader range of capabilities. Another way to enhance employee inspiration is through job enlargement. This is where employees are progressively provided with more complicated work and greater liability. While the organization may think this would have the opposite effect, many employees enjoy learning new factors and will get more fulfillments...
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