October Sky Paper

Topics: Barack Obama, Leadership, Coal mining Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 19, 2011
October Sky Questions
1. When I first entered my careers class, an impression was made upon me that has changed my whole outlook on life. When my teacher explained to us that we should pursue a career/job that we actually want to do. I realized then, that I should think about a career that I would actually enjoy doing. This made me have a great respect for my teacher, however, I do not dream about this experience.

2. Homer’s father had a difficult time supporting Homer’s interest in rocket science for multiple reasons. One of them was his father’s need to attend and love for the coal mining. Also his father believed that it was a waste of time, and that coal mining or getting a football scholarship were the only two sensible options for Homer. Homer’s father was not open to other career options, limiting his view to only coal mining and football was the cause of a lot of conflict in the movie. Had Homer’s father attended a career class like this one, he may have realized that Homer should pursue his dreams and goals.

3. No, why would my community expect youth to do a certain career when there are so many available. There are thousands of different possibilities and opportunities available; one could even make a living off of making YouTube videos. There are no groups highly supported in my community.

4. John Hickam’s dictatorship style of leadership, in his family and at the coal mine, got things done, however it caused conflicts between him and his wife as well as Homer. This is most likely because he didn’t like to hear things over and just made a decision and never changed his mind.

5. Homer had a democratic, effective leadership style with his peers, which got things done. Proof of this is that they were able to successfully build a rocket that flew “for miles and miles”

6. When faced with hindrances in their efforts the boys still worked together, and got help from people (the teacher and the machinist) in order...
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