October Sky

Topics: October Sky, Coalwood, West Virginia, Homer Hickam Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: January 2, 2009

October Sky and the High Five Principles

The movie October Sky takes place in Coalwood West Virginia. It is about a teenage boy named Homer Hickam who doesn’t want to become a miner like his father. Homer wants to get out of the town but the only way is by scholarship. Homer is too tiny for a football scholarship and therefore in this movie is trying to attain his goal of winning the national science fair which comes with many scholarship opportunities. October Sky is a prime example of the High Five Principle being used in people’s lives.

Change is Constant, is one of the High Five Principles. In life, many things change constantly and adaptability is very important. In October Sky, the beginning of the space age is announced with the Sputnik Satellite is launched. Most of Coalwood seemed to ignore this new concept while Homer adapted and was inspired to build a rocket. Later on, Homer and his friends were no longer allowed to build and test rockets on the mine property. However, they adapted and hiked 8 miles out of town every time to test their rockets on an old slag pile instead. October Sky has many events in it that could fall under the Change is Constant Principle.

Access you Allies, is another one of the High Five Principles. When trying to achieve something, your friends, family and teachers can be very valuable resources. In October Sky Homer is trying to find out more about rockets so that he can build his own. There are not many books in town on it and not many people know about it. So, Homer asks the smartest kid he knows, Quentin. It just so happened that Quentin does know a lot about rockets. Other than this event there are many more in October Sky that would fall under the Access your Allies Principle.

Learning is Ongoing; this is another of the High Five Principles. The end of school doesn’t mean the end...
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