October Sky

Topics: October Sky, Homer Hickam, Coalwood, West Virginia Pages: 4 (1337 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Thuc Pham
Professor Colleen
AE 20C
January 23, 2013
A Dream Come True
Colin Powell once said,“ A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Even though hard work is essential for making dreams come true, hard work alone cannot guarantee success. October Sky, directed by Joe Johnston, is about a hardworking young man named Homer Hickam who grew up in Coalwood and aspired to become a miner like his father, John Hickam. Everything changes when he witnesses the launch of Sputnik into space. From that point on, he becomes obsessed with building rockets and actually gets his friends involved in it too. Homer and his friends come together and create a team also known as the Rocket Boys. With the help from Miss Riley, Homer’s teacher, the Rocket Boys decide to enter the science fair for a chance at the scholarships. There are many difficulties that lay ahead of Homer such as his rigid father, his close-minded environment and the people that do not believe in his ability. Great people are people who are dedicated to chasing their dreams. It takes guts to dream but dreaming is only the first step to success. I have a friend named John who has a weight problem but he has a goal and it is to lose the extra weight. He is determined and willing to do what it takes to achieve his dream. The four key components that are needed for making a dream come true is to be determined, to seek help, to shun criticism, and to not give up

Dreams take a lot of determination to achieve. People with no determination lack the ability to chase after their dream. In order to achieve something, we must first want it and want it with a passion to not let go. For instance, my friend, named John, created a goal to lose forty pounds by the end of his high school year and he was very serious about accomplishing this goal. One thing that I knew about John is that he is one determined man. Once he set his mind on something, he did what it took to...
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