October Man Sequence

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The October ManSequence foreward by IN10SE Compact Edition by Flopik The October Man© Beyond Hypnotic Seduction Beyond Sexual Conditioning Beyond Creating a new Sexual identity By IN10SE Copyright © 2006 by The PUA Hypnotists. The October Man Introduction • Disclaimer and Foreword • The October Man basic format Chapter 1 - What it can do • • • • • • • Intent – wrestle the angel Penetrating the Sexual Core Parts of ourselves – layers, places, people Who can do it Where to do it Suspending the Critical Factor When to do it

Foreword by IN10SE The October Man is a technique that has been used by very few – its principles have been kept secret, for many different reasons… until now. Very few have had the kind of insight and set of tools to be able to create the effects of it – many have tried to backwards engineer it… but this is the real deal. You may have read about it in books like “The Game” or heard about it by word of mouth… as a forbidden technique that isn’t even supposed to exist, that is talked about only in whispers. Now here it is. So why would you keep something so powerful and so potentially effective a secret? For that very reason. Lets first of all define some terms so there’s no confusion. When we use the term “hypnotism” and “hypnotist” we mean extreme persuasion. We do not take away free will. To do so would be immoral and unethical. What we do rather is to make someone “hungry” even starved, whether by unmasking false coping mechanisms, or by amplifying a need, then we dangle the carrot of desire in front o them so that all they have to is reach out and take it. It takes no skill whatsoever to use force or coercion that takes away another’s free will. We would have no association with such people because it is our goal to give ecstasy not to cause pain. Technology – like every thing else is morally neutral. Intentions, behaviors and contexts are what create our notions of the light and the dark side. When we created this technique we were at a very unique place in the development of what is known as “The Community”. We were the ones who influenced the very development of much of what you’ve read about or what you know as seduction techniques among the first to use and perfect techniques like sexual value elicitation, symbolic morphology, sexual state elicitation, challenging and qualifying, being “the prize”, sexual rapport, and more. – As Neil Strauss once told us, “You’re not just Seduction Masters, you’re Seduction Scientists!” Most importantly we were among the first to use a woman’s own map of the world to lead her to a sexual state - And to do it effectively, and very quickly… sometimes within 15 minutes of meeting a woman. IN10SE The October Man - Basic Format • Elicit a state/identity/body sensation • Turn it into a symbol • Manipulate the symbol • Link it to you Chapter 1 - What it can do The rumors are almost unbelievable – to be with a woman within 15 minutes of meeting her? To have her so aroused that she will be pulling your clothes off? To have her conditioned over the long term and to automatically associate you with her sexual identity. Yes – That’s exactly what it does. Now what does that mean? First we have to talk about the Sexual Identity. The notion of an Identity is something that comes from Modern Psychology. We’ve furthered that thought and explored the notion of a “Sexual Identity”. The Sexual Identity begins it’s formation from our earliest interactions with others. Even before we have the hormones and biology to support the expression of it, our Sexual Identity begins to form. Our brains are hardwired by hormones during our development in our mother’s womb. The male brain is very different than the female brain. When we begin to interact with our parental figures between the ages of 2-3 we discover that we are autonomous – that is, we are individuals. We discover who we are and who we are not in relation to others through our interactions with others. This is the beginning of our...
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