Ocho Cinco

Topics: Term, BitTorrent, Time Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: May 25, 2014
By: Stefan Ivetic
Music used to be so simple. You listened to it on the radio for free, but you could not choose what was being played and there were lots of commercials. If you went to a concert, you paid. And if you bought a record, tape or CD, you paid. Every industry needs money to be sustainable and so does the record industry. The record industry has been around for decades and over the course of time it became more about money and less about art. People now days download music for free all the time on the web. They think to themselves,” should this be legal”? There is no simple answer to this question but most people believe that downloading music should be free.

Music should not be paid for but free. People download music for free everyday and think it’s a great way to listen to music and get for free. Why waste 99 cents on Itunes when you can get it for free on sites such as Limewire, BitTorrent and BTJunkie. This gives everyone a chance to listen to there favorite artist and download a complete album for free without wasting $11 which is enough to buy you food at a fast food joint. Even artists themselves sometimes put a link on there website where you can download a music video or song for free. Some artists do this because it satisfies the fan and allows them more exposure and fame on a global scale. Youtube is another prime example because it allows you to watch music videos and listen to songs for free but you might get stuck with an annoying commercial sometimes. This basically keeps the site running. Therefore these sites really give some artists more exposure then before if never heard off.

Although some artists can be affected by the fall in sale of there records, for which they only get 10% of the profit of the sale prices of the CD, the fact is that the Internet can, at the same time, have very beneficial effects for them. The artists who have already signed a contract with a record label can increase there fame pretty much by...
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