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Ryan Yates
Homework #5

Lesson 17

1) Dredging is digging up mud/sand and transporting it out of the channel. Dredging needs to be done in Ventura Marina because of the shoaling problem. With this problem there is sediment rising under water where the ships are parked. If the sediment gets too high, the boats will get stuck and not be able to get in and out of the marina.

2) The problem with Devil’s Slide in San Mateo County is that it has a lock of landslides and closures. A solution they used to stop with the destruction of the landslides is building a bridge. The bridge that they built is used to go over Devil’s Slide so nothing will be in harm’s way when it does happen.

3) Wetland

4) Five creeks near the college are Coyote Creek, Guadalupe Creek, Lower Penitenica Creek, San Thomas Creek, and Calabazas Creek. Containments such as trash, oil soap, paint, copper, nickel, mercury and pesticides pollute them. They all end up in the San Francisco Bay.

Lesson 18

1) The way I would define life is that we all started out as small molecules. We all eventually started growing our own set of DNA. Of course none of us were the same so we had different DNA. We are also made out of a bunch of atoms that replicate to make new life forms.

2) Transcription is the process of DNA being read and a messenger RNA is made. Translation is the messenger being read and the protein built. Both transcription and translation is the process needed in order to create a new life form.

3) Evolution

4) RNA was the molecule that did it all. Everything started with those molecules. Nothing consisted more than RNA molecules. Like the chicken and the egg example, the RNA could act as either the chicken or the egg and replicate itself. It evolved in the DNA protein world.

Lesson 19

1) The temperature of the water would become colder, the pressure would become higher, the light would become dimmer, and the salinity would increase. Animals that you would see at that depth would be animals such as tuna, marlin, red clams, and salmon fish.

2) Chinook Salmons spawn from late summer to late fall. They usually stay in fresh waters from 1 to 8 years before traveling down natural streams. Freshwater streams and estuaries provide them with a good habitat.

3) Rise

4) a) mussels produce a strong glue
b) hermit crabs have their shells to protect them
c) sea stars have the tube feet to stick to a surface
d) anemone stick to surfaces as well

Lesson 20

1) This is a Ceratium tripos. They are found all over the world and where there is enough light for photosynthesis. [pic]

2) The reason why phytoplankton needs photosynthesis is to keep the food chain going. Without phytoplankton everything would slowly start to die. Everything that eats plankton will no longer have it to feed on so that will start dying. And everything that eats animals that eat plankton will start to die and so on. We need phytoplankton to keep the balance in life.

3) Web

4) Spirulina is a nutritious micro salt plant. It is a spiral shaped algae and 100% natural. The health benefits from it are that it boosts the immune system, improves digestion, reduces fatigue, builds endurance, and many more.

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