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Module 02 Quiz with Answers

1. As early as the 1700s, scientists and explorers notice a remarkable coincidence of shape of the Atlantic coasts of Africa and which continent?
A) North America
B) Asia
C) Antarctica
D) South America
Correct answer(s): D

2. The outermost solid layer of the Earth that comprises both continental and oceanic crust is called the:
A) Hydrosphere
B) Lithosphere
C) Aesthenosphere
D) Outer Core
Correct answer(s): B

3. Earlier than 200 million years ago, the continents were joined into one supercontinent called:
A) Pangaea
B) Panthalassa
C) Oceanus
D) Tethys
Correct answer(s): A

4. Which of the following lists represents the main components of the Earth’s crust?
A) oxygen, uranium, thorium.
B) oxygen, silicon, uranium.
C) oxygen, silicon, aluminum.
D) iron, aluminum, carbon.
Correct answer(s): C

5. A boundary in which crustal plates move past one another is called a:
A) transform fault.
B) convergent zone.
C) divergent zone.
D) rift valley.
Correct answer(s): A

6. One cubic meter of which of these would weigh the most?
A) seawater
B) granite rock
C) basaltic rock
D) mantle
Correct answer(s): D

7. The Hawaiian Islands formed as they pass over a hot spot in the middle of the:
A) Mid-Atlantic ridge
B) Nazca Plate
C) Mariana Trench
D) Pacific Plate.
Correct answer(s): D

8. What do these things have in common: Paleomagnetism, seafloor spreading, Pangaea, Wadati-Benioff zones, transform faults, fracture zones, seamount chains, Pacific hotspots.
A) They are all used to study earthquakes.
B) They were discovered in the Challenger expedition.
C) They are used to investigate the potential for undersea mining and mineral resource exploitation.
D) They are involved with plate tectonics.
Correct answer(s): D

9. If two oceanic plates collide at a relatively fast speed, and one is much older and cooler

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