Ocean's Eleven

Topics: Frank Sinatra, Ocean's Eleven, Las Vegas Strip Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 9, 2012
John Stone
Joshua Semmi
Chris Goss
Amy Forman
Between George Clooney and Frank Sinatra

When the term Las Vegas is brought to mind, thoughts of flamboyant neon lights,

casinos, and clubs are often the first things that pop up. Ocean’s Eleven brings all of

these thoughts together in a neat package. Originally made in 1960, the film was

remade again in the year 2001 and is considered one of the few movies who’s remake

is better than the original, with the 2001 version earning a rating of 7.7 compared to

the 6.4 of the 1960’s version. Challenging the long standing theory that remakes will

forever be overshadowed by their originals, Stephen Soderbergh’s 2001 version of

Ocean’s Eleven details exactly how a remake should be. However, it can be said that

reason for the higher scoring on Soderbergh’s version can be accounted by the fact

they are almost entirely two different movies and can easily be seen when studying

certain parts, notably the relationships between the characters, the robbery, and the

love story.

In the 1960s version of Ocean’s Eleven, the protagonist, Danny Ocean, takes his gang of military friends to rob five casino’s in Las Vegas. Using a garbage to keep an eye on the prospective casinos they concoct and elaborate plan which in ends in smash and grab robbery on New Years Eve. Along the way, one of Danny’s cohorts, Tony Bergdorf, has a heart attack and dies. Later on, a gangster Duke Santos catches on and offers to retrieve the money for the casino owners. Frightened by Santos’ sudden appearance, Danny decides to store the money in Bergdorf’s coffin. Unfortunately, the coffin is creamated along with the money.

In the 2001 version of Ocean’s Eleven, Danny Ocean rounds together his whole crew to target the vault of the three biggest casinos in Las Vegas, all own by Terry Benedict. He comes together with an elaborate plan to break into the vault during a fight night, as it would...

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