Ocean’s Eleven Questions

Topics: Ocean's Eleven, Brad Pitt, Film editing Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: October 30, 2013
Anna Piola 10/30/2013 Mr. Corbo
Ocean’s Eleven Questions:

1) Describe the opening shot...whose point‐of‐view is it? How does this shot set the audience (us) up or give us a bias for the rest of the exposition? The opening scene’s point of view is a group’s; one is able to understand from the sound that there is more than just one person who is interrogating Danny Ocean. This prospective gives the audience an equal importance between the latter and the staff asking questions even though we may not see them.

2) The first time we meet Rusty (Brad Pitt) he’s eating. He eats a lot in this film. Why and what does it say about his character? Rusty eats all the time in this movie because according to him the whole gang, him in particular is too busy to being able to eat.

3) Establishing shots are common in this film. Identify a couple of them and explain their purpose or usefulness.

4) Consider the scene where Rusty teaches the “movie stars” how to play poker. How does the scene convey the differences between Rusty’s world and the actors’ world? Also, how is this self‐aware/comical commentary by the filmmakers?

5) Freeze‐Frame is a prominent tool in this film. How does it punctuate points in the story?

6) Describe Danny and Rusty’s relationship. How is it different than the other relationships 
in the “crew”?

7) Why is the sequence in which Danny “assembles his crew” effective for this type of film 
(the heist genre)?

8) Explain the role that clothes play in the film. How does costuming relate to character 
and plot?

9) Why is the explanation of the plan to the crew early on important to the way we react 
to the rest of the plot?

10) How does Soderbergh use sound (both diegetic and non‐diegetic – especially music) to 
enhance the film?

11) Why would you consider the dialogue in this film “hardboiled”...
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