Occupy, Envy & the 99%

Topics: Civil disobedience, Protest, Nonviolent resistance Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: December 16, 2012
By Ayall Sagi

I have high hopes for the occupy movement.
The word itself, occupy, is interesting to analyze.

Walking around the Pacific Heights, admiring San Francisco’s famous Billionaire Row, I notice that most of these gigantic homes with breathtaking views generally sit unoccupied. Driving along the coast line, catching glimpses of properties with spectacular private beaches, also noticing that most are unoccupied.

Perhaps my fascination stems from my strong belief in the Freedom of Information, which is really an association with being anti-restricting of any and all information. The smooth segue from anti-restricting is hording.

The line is thin and often breached.

One must carefully watch the politics of envy when using strong words and be careful not to mistakenly judge. Despite the belief that old-money ungratefully inherited their riches, there are still those who worked hard and earned their luxuries. Furthermore, it’s not surprising to realize that someone whom you may envy likely envies another, and some may even envy you.

Capitalism is a wonderful economic system, and though it may not be as fair as others (such as Socialism), it adds excitement and adventure.

The occupy movement stalled due to lack of motive.
While things seem grim, they’re by no means bad.
Unemployment is relatively high, but the majority are still employed. Some struggle, but most still comfortably survive. Opportunity is still present, and Capitalism still thrives.
The day Capitalism fails and most find themselves homeless, the tipping point will be reached and occupy will unstoppably steam forward.

While those who protest are part of the “99%”, most of the “99%” do not protest. This proves that the tipping point has not been breached. Although the tipping point has not been reached, the birth of the occupy movement is still significant. As every empire falls, one day the occupy movement will actualize. Every avalanche begins with a snowflake.

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