Occupational stress

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With the rapid development of economic and the progress of society, people’s living standards gradually improved. At the same time, maybe with the faster and faster rhythm of life and work, the pressure is much heavier than past few years. There are many kinds of pressure, such as political pressure, pressure from work, family, emotional stress, financial stress, interpersonal pressure, and psychological pressure;especially, the occupational stress. It becomes one of the hot issues all over the world. Nowadays, harm of occupational stress has been a serious and social problem of individual health; people pay more attention to the issue of work-related stress. There are many theories which have been proposed to show the main factors and outcomes of occupational stress. This paper will focus on the main causes of occupational stress and some positive and negative effects which are related to the professional stress.

Occupational stress is common issue in modern society. This kind of stress related the work. In general, job stress often happen in some situations which are unequal between the level of personal skills and the requirement of workload. In the other word, the job stress is inability to deal with the stress in the workplace. Some occupations are inherently stressful, such as, teachers, nurse, engineer and IT programmer. Every people, especially, who live in the large city, can more or less has the occupational stress. The work stress not only affects individual work performance, but also affects the personal physical and mental health. In extensive studies on occupational stress, there are four factors which can be connected with the increase of professional stress. First of all, according to Darshan et al. (2013), heated competition is one of the major factors of workplace stress. In modern society, because of the working stress, the interpersonal competition becomes more and more intensive. In addition, Darshan et al. (2013) claimed that work overload is one of the main causes of job stress. This is also supported by Altaf and Awan (2011), who contends that the strain of working too many hours, fewer vacations, and do the task with the limited time, all of these can really lead to the stress in the workplace. It has become a social problem. Moreover, the cause of the occupational stress is related to the environmental conditions of workplace (Zhang et al., 2010:242). Office is one of the environments where can give people a kind of invisible work pressure. Because the closed place can easily make people feel nervous and tired. Beside that, workplace abuse is a special reason of workplace-related stress. Therefore, these theories focus on the special reasons of social and individual which can cause the work stress.

Traditionally, stressors are considered to be negatively associated with the employees’ outcomes. However, there are still four main positive outcomes of job stress. Firstly, some of the occupational stress has a motive functions to the employees. As the saying goes, pressure can give person an impetus. When people work with the pressure, they can treat it in a correct way and transfer the job pressure to the power. If people without of stress, they will become lazy than before. For instance, employees who works in the modern enterprise, they are demanded strictly when they receive the tasks. While the strict requirements bring more pressure to the employees, it also gives motivation to the employees. Secondly, the occupational stress can give the worker the feel of challenge and excitement. At the same time, it also can bring the feel of energetic .In daily work, every target is higher than the past one which is made by the manager. This is a pressure of expectation. The manager uses this method to make sure that the team has enough power and excitement. In order to achieve the goal, employees have more confidence to meet the challenge. Thirdly, the positive pressure leads to people pay more...

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