Occupational Health and Safty in the Workplace

Topics: Employment, Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology Pages: 7 (1585 words) Published: April 4, 2013
1. OHS is very important at the workplace because it is to prevent work-related injury and disease. It is also create a work environment that promotes and ensures everyone has a safe workplace. Every industry has to following appropriate OHS procedures to ensure a safe system for the people who are employed or people around in the premise.

2. The different types of OHS legislation in SA:
• Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Act 1986

• Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 2010

• Dangerous Substances Act 1979

• Dangerous Substances Regulations 2002

• Explosives Act 1936

• Explosives Regulations 1996

• Mines and Works Inspection Act 1920

• Mines and Works Inspection Regulations 1998

3. The legal roles and responsibilities of employers and employees as stated in the Act: + Employer: provide a maintain places employment, equipment and the procedure of using the equipment to make sure that it is safe and not cause any injuries or illnesses to employee while at work and to other places if related to work. In order to ensure for the people in the workplace are working in a safe environment, employer also need to provide information, instruction and training in an appropriate languages so that the employees could understand really well and clear. Employers must report and keep work injuries, accidents to Safework SA, in addition to Workcover equipment. + Employee: must take responsible for their own health and safety and avoid to do any things that might affecting the health and safety of others. At workplace employees must use any equipment and obey the instruction that provide to protect health and safety. No alcohol or a drug in the workplace because it can be affect to their own safety and the others who are working around or in the same area.

4. Some potential hazards in an office environment are:
- Lighting: the basic requirement light in the office is that the work must easy to see and the light is comfortable to the eyes. It may cause eye strain if the light is too bright or too dull. For example, an employee works with the computer everyday. He /she will cause an eye strain because of a glare from the display screen or improper light. Furthermore, copy a material that is hard to read with a poor light in an office also relate to the eye strain.

- Air Ventilation: it refers to the movement of air within the office. The employer needs to maintain a comfortable climate indoor to make the employee work in a fresh environment. According to University of New South Wales, stated that air movement less than 0.1 metres per second can lead to stuffy rooms whereas air movement of more than 0.2 metres per second causes draughts to be felt. This is what we have to look after and be careful before setting up a room or an office with the maximum of people as well.

- Noise: noise can be one of the potential issues in an office. It is often describe as any disturbing sound. Sometime we can get stress or cannot work out with the task by the noisy sound. Office equipment such as Telephones, printers, photocopiers, video display terminal are sources of noise. The best method to have a less sound in an office is to replace these kinds of equipment in an enclosed space or in the separate room. For the telephone, we can adjust to a lowest level and remember to purchase any equipment with the lowest noise specification.

5. There are five steps to follow when we identified a hazard in the workplace:
- Recognise the hazard: the first step in dealing with a hazard is to identify all workplace situations or events that could cause injury or illness to employees or anyone at or near the workplace.

- Assess the risk of the hazard: the second step is to assess the risk that you have identified. You need to consider how likely are that hazard will cause injury or illness and how serious would the accident or illness be, and who might be harmed to that risk....
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