Occupational Health and Safety exam review

Topics: Accident, Safety, Injury Pages: 3 (534 words) Published: July 6, 2015

General Health and Safety
Ontario workers experience about 200,000 injuries p/year
100,000 roughly are strains and sprains
Strains/sprains are known as Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) Inspections are to identify hazards
Hazardous agents are:
Chemical, biological and physical
Hazard pathway
Source of hazard  path to worker  affect worker
Example: Chemical use in unventilated room  vapors in air  toxic to worker Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
“Right to know”
Global Harmonized System (GHS) is coming to Canada
Creating and Health and Safety Program
We prioritize health and safety by (in this order):
Legal requirements
What is legally required of an employer
Skill set
How it relates to job or needed skill
Awareness about certain health/safety issues increases priority How to make a safety program
1) Needs Analysis
2) Develop material
3) Deliver material
Evaluating safety programs
Frequency = (Accidents x 200,000) / Hours worked
Speaks to hazards in workplace
(Days lost x 200,000) / hours workers
Claims management usually shows severity
International Safety Rating System (ISRS)
Workwell (WSIB)
What should a program include?
Training & administrative
First Aid/Medical
Accident investigation
Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
‘no fault’ insurance – prevents employers from being sued Employers are required to have WSIB coverage
An employer’s rate is determined based on which rate group they fall into Rate groups change year-to-year, based on the accidents in the rate group New Experimental Experience Rating (NEER) Program

Applies to construction groups with yearly premiums over $25,000 Employer can be charged more or less, dependent on number of accidents they claim Based on severity and frequency
Second Injury and Enhancement Fund (SIEF)
Pre-existing injuries,...
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