Occupational Hazard

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A comprehensive review of various available students was done for the purpose of this study. Reviewed life rapture relevant to the study are thus presented under the following headings. •Concept of occupational health hazard

Principal of occupational health
Classification of occupational health
Biological risks of occupational health hazards
Physical risks of occupational health hazards
Mechanical risks of occupational health hazards
Psychological risks of occupational health hazards
2.0 concept of occupational hazard
Occupational health developed in Europe with the oldest industry (mining). Some individual obverted that miners have problems perculiar to them. One of these people is Agricole German (1483 – 1514) an German who wrote an article title’’ Dere mallica ‘’published in 1556.

This was devoted to working conditions in mines and industry especially mining accidents and illness.
Another person who wrote Paracelsus a German. He wrote on occupational disease of miners and smelters and published his work in 1567.
Dr Charls Turner Thadrad (1795 – 1833) made significant contributions also. He was known as ‘’father of British’’ industrial medicine’’. He published his work in 1833 a book title ‘The effects of the principal Art, trade and professions and civic states and habits of many of the agents which produce disease and shorten the duration of life. Thacdrah brought into the attention of the policy markers that employers should be made responsible for the health workers. Thacdrah act of 1819 exempted children below (9) nine years from work. In 1898, Sir Thomas Morrison legge (862 – 1932) was appointed the first British medical factory inspectors (or occupational health consultant” as he is known today).He introduce the idea of notifying occupational diseases especially lead. He stress a number of preventive aspect of occupational heath practice known as legges aphorisms. As such, health workers are confronted with a verity physical, biological and chemical hazard during the course of performing their duties. The level of occupational safety and health training and resources available to health workers and the corporation’s implementation and use of such training, resources with management support and leadership are critical factors in preventing advers outcomes from the occupational safety and health hazards such health workers are exposed to, on a daily basis. Give the nature of their working environment responsibilities and duties, health workers are on frontline of numerous need on in dept understanding of the protective strategies that are available to them. Auszu (1994) classified occupational disease as follow. According to epidemiological relationship to factors of the occupational environment and those that never occur in the absence of work place exposure but may be exaggerated or augmented, example raised blood pressure in a sedentary workers ,health care workers being at risks of infections diseases, HIV and hepatitis because of needle pricks injury etc. 2.1 Principles of Occupational Health

The principles of occupational health includes :
The promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being of works in all occupation. The prevention among workers of departure from health caused by their working conditions according to Sir Thomas Morrison legge (1994). The protection of workers in their employment from risks resulting from factors adverse to health. The planning and maintenance of workers in an occupational environment adapted to his physiological equipment. The adaptation of work to man and each to his job Dr Charles turner Thachral (1992 -2000).

2.2 Branches of Occupational health
The branches of occupational health includes :
Occupational medicine: this one of the branches of occupational health, if prevent health service and also primitive occupational health programmes. •Industrial hygiene and...
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