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By Mary92892 Aug 07, 2008 562 Words
“Everything will change…” was practically the only thing I could think of being a 13 year old girl with a firm friendship with her 16 year old sister. The summer of 2006 was when I discovered my mother was packing up her things and moving to Athens to work on her PhD in Psychology at the University of Georgia, while my 3 brothers, younger sister and I would be living at home with my dad. It did not bother me much at all when I found out my mom was moving for a temporary time to further her education, considering my parents are still married and she would only be living up there for two years. We would also get to visit her on the weekend, and she would also visit us on the weekends. Plus my mom and I do not get along well, so I figured I needed a break from her. On the other hand, I did care she was taking my big sister Amanda with her. Amanda made the decision to move to Athens so she could swim for the UGA bulldogs to get herself ready for her swimming career in college. This idea was horrific to me, even though it would be the better for both my mom and my sister. I was also the last to find out in my family, which made me even madder. My sister is my best friend, and has been sense around the age of 12 when we finally grew out of the fighting scenario. I would have no one to turn to when I needed someone to talk to, nor would I have anyone to be completely goofy with either. I had friends and all, but none to which my bond was as tight as mine and Amanda’s. I would have no one to giggle with about the most stupid stuff, or no one to cart me around when I had places to go.

However, it turns out I completely misjudged the situation. Amanda and I see each other every other weekend so it is not too bad. Plus now when we are together we are so happy to see each other that we do not ever get into little fights, which I’m sure if she still lived here we would fight none stop. I still miss seeing her on a day to day basis sometimes. In example, when ever my day has been completely terrible and I am experiencing the crux of high school and all I want to do is talk to Amanda about the stupid people I have to be involved with on a day to day basis. There is always a phone, but it is not the same as talking to someone in person. Plus swim practice and school takes up 99.99% of her life. I have finally this year developed a friendship with someone to the point where she is almost like my big sister, and I can tell her just about anything as to where I would my Amanda. The years keep getting worst and worst, yet better and better as they come. It is a sticky situation to explain. Luckily, Amanda will be moving back to Lee County next year to go to Darton for 2 years and my whole family will be under the same roof again.

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