Obsession In Macbeth
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It's impossible for someone to outrun their destiny, knowing this person will still continue to try to change their fate. In Shakespeare's The tragedy of Macbeth, Macbeth tried to do just that. In the tragedy there are three things that show the evil in the play, obsession as well as how it will corrupt the mind into only concerning itself with the desired. Also, there is ambition which makes the character fight for what it wants letting nothing stop them. Lastly, there is the tragedy, at one point in the play something will happen to propel the character into the acts which they will commit. Shakespeare's Macbeth shows the audience the consequences of rebelling against the crown together with committing regicide in medieval Scotland, therefore, …show more content…
This can be seen many ways, one way is how due to Macbeth's increasing obsession, he begins to imagine things that aren't there as well as letting himself fall to the power of his mind “Is this a dagger which I see before me, / The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch / Thee” (II.i.33-34). The way that Macbeth lets his subconscious primal desires override his conscious of right and wrong is a strong indicator of obsession because he can no longer restrict himself from doing what to the sane person would seem crazy. Also, Macbeth can be seen letting anything fall for his ability to keep the crown including his best friend “Both of you / Know Banquo was your enemy” (III.i.115). How easily Macbeth can disregard long time friendships built up over years for the sole cause of the slim potential of his friend being disloyal is a great representation of his primary as well as his only focus which is his power so everything can fall in his wake. Next, obsession can also be seen from lady Macbeth with her mental ability decaying due to her obsession with blood on her hands “Out damned spot! Out, I say” (V.i.34). In the start of the play lady Macbeth was obsessed with power now her view has changed as she can no longer justify her actions so she continuously cleanses herself from the atrocities she has committed which lead to her mental breakdown together with ultimately death. In the end, the evil of obsession plays a …show more content…
Evil can be seen everywhere in the play furthermore it originates from specific areas firstly, being an obsession, because of how obsession can force everything out of a mind except the desired. Also, ambition is a root of evil in Macbeth seeing how characters will go great lengths doing something that a sane person wouldn't even consider just because it has consumed them. Finally, there is tragedy and most characters that are meeting a tragedy don't see it coming till it's too late. As a last sentence for you to think about, if you had the chance to take what you believe was your destiny would you attempt to achieve it at someone else's

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