observing math instruction

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Observing Math Instruction
Beverly Becnel
Grand Canyon University: EED364
February 8, 2014

In every aspect of life there is a need for some kind of standard, in mathematic instruction there are two aspects of these standards, processing and constructivism. Standards are an example of what learning should occur in students. Standards are important because it gives schools and districts a goal. By incorporating standards it allows everyone involved to be aware of what needs to happen, what the teacher will teach, what the student will learn and any assessments that will be done (great schools). In my opinion standards can improve student achievement because students and parents know what information they have to learn and they can better prepare themselves. Most people like having a pattern or guide of some sort to follow because it takes the guess work out. With such good guide lines in place some people still use traditional math instruction verses constructivist programs.

With tradition al instruction the teacher provides the information and is the main authoritative figure, they usually disseminate their knowledge. The students react directly to the teacher’s instruction, and the classroom atmosphere is very passive. Students are not expected to rely on prior knowledge or background for learning experience. The lessons are usually revolved around a textbook and the assessments are usually formal and informal tests. On the other hand constructivist programs are based on theory. Constructivist teachers interact with their students, promote the construction of their own learning, allow students to have points of view and encourage participation in classroom activities. The students are usually active and work in groups. Constructivism focuses on problem solving, and the application of knowledge. Finally in a constructivist setting there is the use of such tools as running records, observations and portfolios when the...

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