Observations of Chemical Changes

Topics: Blue, Chemistry, Green Pages: 4 (852 words) Published: July 26, 2013
Data Tables:
Part 1:
|Chemicals|Well No.|Observations of the Reaction|
A.|NaHCO3 + HCl||Bubbling in center of droplets. Homogeneous| B.|HCl + BTB||Turns yellow immediately after contact. Homogeneous| C.|NH3 + BTB||Turned dark blue. Homogeneous|
D.|HCl + blue dye||Solution turns green immediately after contact. Homogeneous| E.|Blue dye + NaOCl||Stays blue. Homogeneous|
| with the 1 drop of HCl||Mixes and turns a bluish green color. Homogeneous| F.|NaOCl + KI||Slightly yellowish tint to the solution. Homogeneous| | with 1 drop of starch||Turned the slim yellow into a slight brown tint. Homogeneous| G.|KI + Pb(NO3)2||Turns yellow immediately after contact with little yellow powdery chunks. Heterogeneous| H.|NaOH + phenolphthalein||Turns a dark pink/purple and expands. Homogeneous| I.|HCl + phenolphthalein||No color change but expands away from point of contact. Homogeneous| J.|NaOH + AgNO3||Turns a dark brown and separates into small strands of brown liquid within the clear liquid. Heterogeneous| K.|AgNO3 + NH3||Slight bubbling, clear liquid. Heterogeneous| |after exposure to bright light||Bubbling intensifies and color remains clear. | L.|NH3 and CuSO4||Pale blue color. Extremely small and light blue solids at the bottom of the solution. Heterogeneous| Part F: Testing of Various Foods with the NaOCl + KI solution

Foods|Presence or Absence of Starch|
Chocolate pudding|No reaction|
Chocolate chip cookie|Soaked through the cookie, no reaction| Banana|No reaction|
Pasta noodle|No reaction|
Organic blackberry|No reaction|
Blueberry|No reaction|
Cherry/cheese Danish|No reaction|

Part 2:
Household Chemicals with Bromthymol Blue

Use the empty pipet in the Auxiliary Supplies Bag to test several (at least 3) household items including household cleaning products with bromothymol blue. Rinse the pipet well before using it on the next household chemical. When finished with this experiment rinse the pipet well and return it to the Auxiliary Bag for use in...
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