Observational Learning

Topics: Learning, Psychology, Albert Bandura Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Bandura social learning theory has become the most influential theory of learning and development. It has three core concepts, which are observational learning, intrinsic reinforcement and Learning does not necessarily lead to a change in behavior. Bandura identified three basic models of observational learning which is live model, verbal instruction model and symbolic model. Live model is an actual individual demonstrate a behavior. On the other hand, verbal instructional model is explanation of a behavior and symbolic model is involve a real character illustrating the behavior in television, books, films, or online media. In observational learning, Bandura testify that children can learn and imitate other people through observation. Nowadays, children are surrounded by many influential models, such as parents, peer friends and teachers at school. All of these models provide the chance to children to imitate them.

Parents are playing an important role in teaching and influencing a child because children will observe whatever parents do and imitate it whenever it is wrong or right. For example, if a mother always wear very sexy and go out at midnight then the children will observe what mother have been do. After that, the children also will copy mother like wear very sexy and go out at midnight. The child is still young, how she knows that this is the wrong action? If the child continues to do it, what will happen? It will affect the result of the child because she goes out at midnight so on the second day she cannot concentrate on class. Besides that, it also will affect the safety level of the child. Recently, the public security is not very good and the rape case is keep happen. So, the people who wear sexy will be the target of the raper. This is quite dangerous for a child. As parents, do not give a wrong model for your children, it will destroy your children’s future and you will kill your children in a silent way. This model is about live model because a...
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