Observational Bus Ride

Topics: Oakland, California, African American, Bay Area Rapid Transit Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: December 9, 2008
Got on bus at MacArthur Bart station until the Fruitvale station

Introduction- The East Bay area is an economically diverse community with many satisfactory and unsatisfactory aspects. Each city had its differences and distinctions in people, settings, and cleanliness. As the bus left the station and went around the corner I could tell that we were in a low poverty city. With loose trash and debris in front of houses and apartment buildings, the area looked torn down and not very visual pleasing. Already familiar with the city of Emeryville I knew to expect a more upscale location. With plenty of name brand stores, and new apartment complexes, it was obvious this city was clean and very different from the previous location. As the bus line continued on to Downtown Oakland I observed the difference in people; most were dressed in either business attire or street clothes. I also noted that near the Oakland Civic Center there was big building with numerous businesses attached. We decided to ride this particular bus line because it showed the different social status from city to city. Some of the key differences between cities were: attire, racial groups, conversational substance and vocabulary, mannerisms, and housing.

Characteristics of people on the bus:
• Two African Americans, one male and the other female both between the ages of 30-36. She had on a skirt and jacket looking some what professional and he had on some khaki that was nearly dirty. They talked about a wide range of things, but what I over heard was Thanksgiving food • Emeryville, a young Asian boy about 16-19 with his back pack and iPod in ear, dressed decent and clean. • Emeryville, a diverse crowd got on they had some bags in hand some had grociers some had clothes or electronics. • West Oakland Many passengers got mostly Hispanics wearing dirty street clothes and smelled like they work a 9 hour shift. • Traveling through West Oakland some few girls got...
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