Observation Paper

Topics: Parking, Back to the Future, Greeting Pages: 3 (762 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Woohyuk Hong
Dr. Roya Falahi-Kharaghani
Anthopology 275­­­­­­
02 October 2014
Observation of Cultural Scene
On September 7th, 2014, 2:00PM, I have visited the church of Unity. This church is shared by two different groups with different culture and ethnicity and by that I mean there are scheduled times for using the church. The building is said to be more then 10 years old, but the architecture looks untouched, it is built out of bricks, there is parking lot, front and back, so one can assume it is a pretty big church with lot of the parking available. When you first enter the building, you can view the wide open area and seats that can be used. Also the first thing you will see from first entering the building will be the podium in the furthest back. That podium is placed on the center and on the left, there is a piano, and to the right of the podium is the drum and synthesizer.

Pastor starts the worship with a prayer then follows it up with a hymnal song. After couple of songs, they move onto different steps, which I do not know what they’re called, but he moves onto his lecture or speech. The title was in Korean, so I briefly translated as confession to Christ. When he begins his speech, it’s very quiet and calm. Lecture is about hour and thirty minutes. I can tell that his very passionate about his job because when his up there, he yells and really emphasize on what’s important, so you can’t help but to be mesmerized by it. After the service, everyone stands and greets one another. I have gotten the most welcome since I was the new face. And they’re really generous and seeing everyone greet one another with a smile is pretty rare for a society like this where we don’t interact like this much as we, but only on certain occasions.

I have mentioned the church is shared and that explains the church name “Unity.” The second group is African-American; they use the main hall after the first groups are done. And I will address Asian-American as first...
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