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1) describe th physical characteristics of the environmental setting you are observing. What did you notice about its organization? What type of activities and materials were available to the children? what were the adults doing?

The first observation I did was at my friends house. Alishaba was coming over on sunday. the house itself was pretty big but since no kids lived there it was pretty boring if I look at it from a kid's point of view. the sitting room where this observation took place was attached to the kitchen so we are all sitting on the sofa (me, my friend, and his dad.) and my friend's mom was working in the kitchen. I am observing my friend'd niece. I asked my friends usually when she comes over what she do? He said well she loves spending time with her grandma and she has a bucket of toys in the

laundry room she always plays with them. The second observation took place at her daycare center. Very interesting environment, many kids were there, all kind of things to do such as play with other kids,toys,coloring, and much more. Here the adults were constantly interacting with other kids, answering any question, giving directions regarding something and etc.

2) The reason why I chose Alishaba was because I really enjoy seeing kids at age 3-5. They are very adorable. I have a niece who is about 3 years old too and every time
I talk about her with my friends, this friend of mine would also talk about her niece. Since I never met her she seemed like a perect child to observe. Alishba was about three feet tall. She had hazel brown eyes, fair color skin and her weight was perfect, she was neither too big nor skinny and when she smiled she had very cute dimples. During my first observaton where activities

were limted, she was playing with her doll set, talking to her doll and fixing a plate for them and preteding to feed them. During my second observation she participated in various activities. When I got there she was in a group of three working on this puzzle. Later she participated in coloring and played with her friends when they were given free time.

3) When Alishaba first came in she untied her laces and took her shoes off her self. She was carring a book back which she took out and put it on the side. She then nicely unzipped her jacket and handed to her mom to hang it. As I obsereved Alishaba, I noticed that she is very hyper. She likes running across the room and and jump around. During my first observation

when door opened all of a sudden, and she ran to see what was going on. Her toys were in a small bucket in the laundry room. She carried it nicely to the living room where she always plays. she had total control over the bucket when she put it down. As her grandma asked Alishaba to come and sit on the table so she could give her a treat. I saw how she got excited and went running to the table. Her grandma gave her some cake and she started eating it. She was right handed and was holding a spoon like an adult. It was amazing how she finished that cake before I finish writing about it. Physicaly she was well developed for age.

4) At the house where Alsihaba was very interactive with every one. She kept interecting with her uncle asking if he got her any candy, and showing him how she was playing with the doll. It seemed like she was expecting him to watch what she was doing. She came in with her mom but but she was not interecting with her a lot. Although

when her mom was going to throw the garbage she kind of got unsecured and asked if she could go along. However at the daycare, when I got there she was in a group of three and they were solving a puzzle, she didn't interect with her group as much and seemed like she was trying to solve it on her own. She actully couldn't figure out where this one piece would go so she asked a caregiver to help, but the caregiver told her to work with her...
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