Observation Interaction Project 1

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MAR 4403.0M1
Observation- Interaction Project 1
Project Background
I called a few companies in our area, and most contacts the person who answered the phone refused to help me unless I was a prospect willing to make a purchase. I even offered a meal instead of coffee, but most companies’ personnel felt uncomfortable providing a name and number for one of their associates. Most managers told me that he or she would mention during the staff meetings, but just in case an associate would be interested in the offer. I did not get any calls or e-mails back. I work for an insurance company and I thought an agent might be able to help me. I imagine these professionals have to make numerous calls to get the sale. The market is very competitive. There is a lot of advertising for personal insurance, home, auto, life, health, but the status of the economy, the commercial market must be more difficult. I contacted agents in Jacksonville area, and I did not get a response either. I looked in the company intranet, and I selected an agency that is very successful. I took a couple of calls, but I got the agency owner to call me back. He was very helpful and the following is my phone interview with him.
Interview Subject
John, Insurance Agent. He has 20 years experience in the insurance industry. John is licensed in District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. He is licensed in property and casualty, live, and health insurance.
Commercial insurance is very different than personal insurance. The auto, inland marine (tools insurance), commercial property, crime, etc are very similar to the personal insurance. These policies provide coverage based on a set of perimeters. E.g. Numbers of cars, or number of properties and the amount of assets that a customer wants to cover, and the customer will pay a definite amount of premium. In General Liability and Worker’s Compensation policies, the amount of premium is based on payroll or sales for the

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