Observation In Social Work
Topics: Gender role, Gender, Employment, Family, Woman, Marriage / Pages: 6 (1339 words) / Published: Feb 24th, 2016

From high school till retirement, you work. Over half of your life is spent working and with that comes relationships, new environments, communications, and gender roles can all come into play. After observing six of my coworkers for 24 hours I found many psychological happenings within the group. I have worked with my coworkers for almost a year now and some of us have grown strong relationships, others are still somewhat outcasted from others. Our boss clearly shows favoritism, but still treats us equally with respect. Two of my coworkers are getting married later this year, so they often bond over their weddings. My workplace is mostly made up of females, which show gender roles coming into play as well. Just like school work has even its …show more content…
Having a job for Person C and E has been an eye opening experience, we have learned new and better social skills, money management and new friends of all different ages. During this time we are faced with find our own identity, a few like Person E have found their Identity Achievement. He knows what he wants in life and is studying his way, to become it. Others like Person D are in Identity Moratorium, she is undecided her life but doesn't have a true grasp on her true identity just yet. Adolescents are going through a time of finding out who they are and what they like and what they want out of life and having a job can help them find that out along the way.

Through my observation I found many psychological effects in my workplace from adolescents finding their identity, behavior changes, social groups and gender roles in the workplace. I found that women are increasing in male dominated jobs and cliques are even prevalent in jobs, not just school. Behaviors are much more likely to change in a workplace dealing with customers, and teenagers having jobs can often times help them discover what they want out of life. After observing these effects I have grasped a better understanding on psychology within the last few weeks than before simply through

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