Observation Essay

Topics: Thought, Cognition, Mind Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: January 15, 2014
Observation of Nature

For my observation I decided to watch was the nature around me. I sat at the part and took notes on my phone. I noticed things that most people take advantage of. As you sit you feel the heat of the sun, which is like fire falling from above. As I lay I could feel the slightly chilled breeze. As I gazed at the sky I noticed how pretty ocean blue it was and the clouds looked as if they where white chunks of cotton candy, so fluffy and soft. My first few moments my focus was just on the lovely things around me and what God himself has left for me to observe. When you start to look around and thing about how perfect everything is made you couldn’t even wrap your mind around how amazing our God is.

As I sat and continued to observe what was in my yard, I noticed the animals around me. You see Birds, Squires, bees and my cats, as you look you notice the way the birds sit together, and how they just observe everything they see just as you are. You see the way the bees will swirl in a circle and never reheat the same pattern. My cat was the most amazing thing to watch seeing how their heads bobbled with every little fly that was around them and how they got so easily distracted by any little thing that came around was so interesting. It kind of reminded me of myself, and how I look at the world and think about all the things God created the way I watch my life and people and things around me is the same way I think the cats would look at everything around them.

Nature is an amazing thing, and I believe after taking some time away from your work problems and stress with school and home life; you could just meditate on the beauty of it. Once you step back and realize al the amazing things that God created for us, you start to realize what an amazing blessing we have to be able to live in this world. Everything around use was created for a reason, created a certain way moves a certain way. I even took the opportunity to observe myself at...
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