Observation Essay

Topics: Emotion, Association football, Football Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: September 8, 2013
Watching a soccer game can arouse a fan’s emotions of disappointment, enthusiasm, as well as the desire to reach one’s full potential. We see this not only with those that give everything out there on the field, but also with the die-hard fans who anxiously wait for the week to pass until game day arrives. Shed tears of sorrow, screams of excitement, and burning blood that’s as hot as the desire to win – each fan is different, yet their feelings are expressed much in the same way. When a favorite team loses, we see stadiums full of bowed heads and saddened facial expressions covered by hands, and much of the entire stadium is feeling the same thing: disgust. This type of feeling causes fans to do things that, from an outsider’s perspective, might seem far-fetched. Things like panic attacks from the crowd, temper tantrums, and, to even extreme measures, massive riot eruptions overshadow what used to be just a friendly competition. However, when the team is on the winning end of things, the emotional side really does shine bright on enlightened fans. Celebrations start early on the streets and around every corner, even local owners closing shop prematurely to join in on the festivities. Fans wreak havoc amongst the stadium stands, fogging up what used to be clear, dark skies with eye-catching pyrotechnic displays that are an absolutely unbelievable sight. Nonetheless, apart from the crazy fans and supporters, there are those who take away important lessons from such games. Young players, as well as current players, learn things from those that work day in and day out on the field. Other than just amazing skills and tricks, they take away life lessons such as sportsmanship, hard work, dedication, heart, and desire. Therefore, not only are these things replicated back onto the playing field but also in different aspects of life such as school, work, and relationships. Watching a soccer game brings out feelings of disappointment right after your favorite team suffers...
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