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Topics: Softball, Olympic Games, 2008 Summer Olympics Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Marissa Arizaga
English 9
24 March 2013
Why Softball Should Be in the Olympics?
Do you ever wonder to yourself why some sports, like softball, aren’t in the Olympics? Well, the reason why softball isn’t in the Olympics is because of the fact if it was, the Olympics would be too big and they think the U.S is too good at it... Personally, I think that softball should be in the Olympics because women sports should be more recognized. The reasons softball should be in the Olympics are, girls like me dream about it, the US is good at it, and it helps women live out their dreams and help their futures. One of the reasons why softball needs to be back in the Olympics is because younger women dream about being on an Olympic softball field playing their hearts out. “The most difficult part of this has been reading emails from hundreds of young female softball players worldwide saying that their Olympic dreams have been taken” porter said (LA Times). This obviously states that young female softball players are suffering by the decision of taking softball out of the Olympics. “It’s hard not to think about the Olympics when you’re playing at this level. It is devastating because this is what I dreamed about growing up, playing in the Olympics.” Lele said “I know it’s a lot of girls dream, we need to get it back for them.” (US softball). It really is hard to think that when you get out of college you just stop playing softball. It’s one of my dreams that when I get out of college to go to the Olympics. “I hope softball will return to the Olympics so I can complete my and others dreams.” Said Erica (ISF) making younger female softball players dream come true is one reason why we should being softball back into the Olympics. Young females work so hard and are dedicated and sacrifice so much to accomplish their dream of being an Olympian player. Another important reason why softball should be in the Olympics is because it helps young women and girls grow up to...
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