Observation Essay

Topics: Parking, Taubman Centers, Shopping mall Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Charlton Harlow
Lynnette Morinini
October 31, 2012
Beverly Center
On the outside of the Beverly Center Mall lines after lines of cars are parked in the gigantic parking lots, Traffic after Traffic. While entering the parking structure it’s not that noisy but every once in awhile I hear the beeping of a car alarm. First floor is valet parking you see nice cars here and there everywhere. Most of the time celebrities cars are being valeted which means there walking all through the mall. They made the parking lot facing the entrance door to make shoppers who would come by car easier to walk into the mall. Creative building designs accent the doors inviting shoppers to come in and enjoy stores. The mall is so well-organized and structured, I notice what the makers of the mall did to put the entrance as pleasant as possible. I also noticed the entrance is facing the high-modified and classy stores which are ‘meant’ for the upper class society that could probably afford cars. People, places, and things add character and develop the community the mall really is. Many different objectives that people have give different reasons or things to do at the building. People don’t just go to shop.

 As I walk in, the volume of sound changes. I can hear people chattering and kids screaming. The loudness of feet on the laminated floor echoes through the mall. As I walk by the food court, I can smell the food court's hamburgers, chicken, and pizza, as well. The smell lures me in, guiding my nose towards the beautiful smell. When I walk by the Chinese place, Panda Express passes out free samples of teriyaki chicken. The free samples satisfy my taste buds making me want more. I let them taunt me into buying Panda Express. Walking around, the different smells seize my nose, bringing different character to each restaurant.

The floors are filled with high-class and branded stores, the interiors are also more luxurious and made clearly to invite the upper class...
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