Observation Assignment

Topics: Evaluation methods, Evaluation, Qualitative research Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Evaluation Methods and Techniques 7.3

1. Analysis of assessment, test and examination results
It is important to take account of the fact that SAT results are difficult to analyse over time because the tests continue to change.
2. Analysis of other pupil records
Examples include attendance, subject uptake and enrolment. 2
3. Direct observation of learning and teaching
This is often difficult because of time and cover constraints and implications and is best viewed as one possible strand of an overall strategy. It should be carried out according to a pre defined framework that is shared with all involved.

4. Scrutiny of pupils’ work
This is a valuable source of evidence when the scrutiny focus is clear. 4
5. Talking to groups or individual participants, pupils and others In an ideal world, this is best ‘triangulated’ with work scrutiny and classroom observation to check the validity of perceptions. It is important to ensure that such sessions are well structured and not intimidating.

6. Measuring changes in pupils’ behaviour
Examples include participation in activities, motivation and engagement. 6
7. Questionnaires, forms and surveys
Perhaps the most frequently used CPD evaluation tool, and, arguably, the most frequently abused! Care is needed in preparation, ensuring ‘fitness for purpose,’ sharing why the outcomes are important and what will happen with the results. It is also important to decide when is the most appropriate time to obtain considered responses. Questions need to be structured in such a way that there is brevity and rigour. Questionnaires and surveys can be used to measure different outcomes with a variety of stakeholders such as staff, pupils, parents, governors.

8. Interviews and video/audio evidence
These can be very revealing as they can provide more qualitative data than surveys or questionnaires. They may...
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