Observation and Experiment

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Chemical substance Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: June 6, 2013
Observation and Experiment
Data Table A. The Overall Reaction
What are the physical properties of the individual substances? ChemicalObservation

Calcium ChlorideGrainy, White

Sodium BicarbonateWhite, flour texture

Phenol Red SolutionThe color of Hawaiian punch, thin consistency, semi- transparent What happens when the substances are mixed together?

ObservationsCalcium Chloride- Foams and heats up when mixed with the phenol red. Turned orange Sodium Bicarbonate- Turned orange, dissolved
What individual interactions are responsible for the observed changes?

QuestionsHow come the sodium bicarbonate dissolved?
Why did the calcium chloride heat up?
What changed the two chemicals’ colors?

Data Table B. Control Experiments

1Calcium chloride heated up and foamed, turned orange Sodium bicarbonate dissolved, turned orange

2Calcium chloride heated, no color change
Sodium bicarbonate foamed, no color change

3Calcium chloride heated, didn’t diffuse with phenol red, turned orange

4Sodium bicarbonate didn’t dissolve, turned pink, no temperature change

Discussion Questions:
1.It appears that when calcium chloride is mixed with a liquid such as phenol red, and water, the liquid triggers the temperature change. The calcium chloride foams and heats up, which causes the temperature to rise. 2.No, because when the calcium chloride was mixed with the sodium bicarbonate, the temperature still rose. However the temperature changed during the controlled experiment of just calcium chloride and water was mixed together. When my lab partner and I put sodium bicarbonate and water into the same bag, there was no temperature change. 3.The color changed from red to yellow was observed in the overall reaction of the substances. The control experiments do provide evidence concerning the interaction responsible for the observed color...
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