Observation and Children

Topics: Circle, Observation, The Table Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: November 9, 2005
Observation of the Classroom

The way a classroom is designed is very important in order for a classroom to run smoothly. It is important to have enough toys, furniture and space to keep children happy. After observing a preschool room, other than my own; I learned how I can improve my own classroom. The preschool environment seemed very well organized and the teachers were in control. The classroom observed had all the necessary areas of a preschool room. The room had a house keeping/dramatic play area as well as a block area, writing, science, computer, music, reading, circle, manipulative and art areas. All of the areas were appropriately spaced out and comfortable for the children. The house keeping/dramatic play area was the first visible area one would see when entering the class. This area includes a play stove and refrigerator with plastic food. On the wall were different pieces of clothing that represented various professions and cultures. This area also includes dolls, strollers and a mirror for the children to look in. Through this area students are able to develop their intrapersonal skills through roll play. The next area was the block area. This area had a variety of blocks constructed by such materials as wooden, plastic, and cardboard. The blocks also varied in size, shape and color. This area also included many toy cars and trucks. Although this area was a bit cramped, the children were offered a wide variety of choice. This classroom has a writing area, which is a rarity in most preschool rooms. This area was full of lined paper and pencils for the children to practice their writing skills. This wasn't a large area because it only held the supplies. The children knew to take the supplies needed to do their writing back to the table to write. The next area was the science area. There was not much in this small area. There was a magnet table for the children to play with. The shelves in that...
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