Objectivity and Subjectivity in Science

Topics: Scientific method, Philosophy of science, Science Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: April 1, 2011
Galon, Edel Angelo S.
Integrative Essay 2

Science as both Objective and Subjective in Nature

Objectivity refers to the property of science that deals with the scientific measurement that is tested independently from the one who proposed it. In other words objectivity aims reproduce a certain experiment in order for it to be tested and demonstrated by other parties. Objectivity also deals with the perception of the universe of what it really is free of any human influence or emotion. Subjectivity on the other hand is based on human emotions or experiences. These emotions, experiences or perceptions are unique to each one of us and we are the only ones who can decipher its meaning. Subjectivity is also the reason why we have opinions. Biases arise from opinions of people which are often a major cause of dispute not only among the scientific community but also within the population itself. For so long there have been talks about the elimination of subjectivity most especially in the field of science because it generates the idea that the results of an experiment is not accurate enough without the use of tools for measurement such as rulers, tape measures etc. It also reduces much of the perceptive variability of individual observers. The results of measurements are expressed on a numerical scale of standard units so that everybody else understands them the same way. But does science always have to be objective? Science is long thought to be absolutely objective because data exist in an eternally given state. Work of philosophers such as Thomas Kuhn, Karl Popper and Auguste Comte came up with theories that science is not absolutely objective. According to Kuhn science follows a paradigm. For example when research or experiments are done junior scientists are educated wherein only scientists who are influential acquire the reputation and status to assess authority over matters of dispute and those scientist have a vested interest in maintaining the position of...
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