Objectivity and Fieldwork

Topics: Culture, Anthropology, Cultural anthropology Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Objectivity and Fieldwork
Researchers throughout the world most often conduct practical work in a all natural environment outside their laboratory or office in order to experience in firsthand what it is to live outside the society they have been exposed to all their lives, and integrate into another civilization that imposes cultural traditions and policies that the researcher may have never been imposed to in the past. These types of works or studies that ethnographers conduct are called fieldworks; and they help researchers learn the ways and customs of a certain group or kin outside a society. The researcher’s method of fully understanding the culture of the group of individuals they study is by integrating into their assemblage or in other words living amid them for approximately two years. Cultural Anthropologist such as Malinowski and Lila Abu-Lughod’s, experienced a direct contact with individuals that maintain alive their own culture adopted from past generations of ancestors, by carrying out and conducting the practical work of fieldwork. The works of Malinowski’s ‘“Introduction” from Argonauts of the Western Pacific’ and Lila Abu-Lughod’s “Fieldwork of a Dutiful Daughter,” reflect their experiences and observations of living and interacting among the particular group they closely studied. Even do both of the researchers performed similar fieldwork studies; the works that were written based on their experiences and observations present audiences with two distinct approaches and perspectives to fieldwork and objectivity due to the certain positionality of the researcher in society; causing them to fall in the debate over objectivity and fieldwork that is described in John Monaghan and Peter Just “Social &Cultural Anthropology A Very Short Introduction.” The authors of the anthropological works of research such as the “Introduction” from Argonauts of the Western Pacific,” and “Fieldwork of a Dutiful Daughter” present themselves and the purpose of...
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