Objectives of Internet

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Using the Internet
At the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
* Define the terms network and Internet.
* Describe the origins of the Internet and its basic structure. * Identify the components of a URL.
* Apply the principles of evaluation to Web sites.
* Internet Objectives
1. Participants will have an understanding of Internet connectivity and structure - Understanding hardware, browsers & networking including LAN & WAN & Current ways of connecting to the internet. • Discuss historical and social implications

• Discuss Acceptable Use Policies for student and staff
2. Participants will understand and describe the value of telecommunications to increase relevant and authentic learning opportunities. • Collaborative projects
• Real time data
• Access to experts
3. Participants will locate web pages, given a list of web sites related to various curriculum topics. • Start the navigation browser
• Input URLs to view web pages
• Identify domain types
• Use the navigation tool bar
• Navigate links
4. Participants will use simple procedures which support district Acceptable Use Policies. • Demonstrate personal security with respect to credit card numbers, names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. • Use appropriate e-mail and “netiquette”

5. Participants will research a relevant topic using a simple search technique • Perform category searches (i.e. Yahoo links to categories) • Perform simple Keyword searches
6. Participant will access pre-existing bookmarks in a web browser Objectives (Stage One)
* To regularly release a comprehensive plain language business analysis of the Internet, as an aid to determining future directions and strategies * To document the history and the current state of development of the Internet, to guide thinking about future directions * To determine the major requirements for a 21st century Internet * To analyse whether...
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