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Objectives Computer Based Training System

By Jia-Meei Oct 13, 2013 519 Words
This project is developing an application for computer based training system. This application is suitable for the administration and operation department of a company. Other than this, this computer training system is focusing on the use of scanners. It cost lower and employee of the company can use the application or have the training at anywhere. The application also has some quiz session for trainees. Besides that, the application also does have the instruction to use scanner. The basic hardware that needs for use the application is computer. Problem Statement

The problem statement of this project is employees do not know how to use of scanners. In addition, companies don’t have provided any trainees for their employees about the method of using scanner. Therefore, this problem will cause a lot of inconvenience and not efficiency for employees. Furthermore, cost effective is one the problem for company too. The cost for investment included trainee fees, travel, food, accommodation for employees. Besides that, all of problem above might influence employee’s motivation. The reason is all of the problem will direct relate to motivation for employees such as provide poor quality of working effective. Objectives

Self-paced learning – Technicians are not always ready for the employees. Besides, the other staffs have their own responsibilities which is inconvenience for them to teach their new colleague how to use the scanner. With the CBT system, employees may review the problem according to his/her needs. Cost effective – CBT system can be learnt by the employees themselves, and it requires only minimal supervision. Unlike the on-site training courses, company may need to invest on foods, travel and accommodation, which sounds like even more expensive. For the system, company only has to pay one time, and new employees can learn their own. Consistency of message – Some staffs might ask the technician or colleagues about the use of the scanners, however, the message that has been conveyed may be not true or inconsistent. Different people have various ways to use the scanner; however, they might unaware that their method would ruin the scanner somehow. Measurability – The CBT system provides the test to measure if the employees are fully understand about the scanner. Sometimes, employees like to protect their self-esteem and react like they are understood the whole thing, as it turns out, they know absolutely nothing! Motivation – Some employees didn’t pay much attention on talks if company organizes some kind of training courses. Instead, interactive learning always helpful and in turn absorb the knowledge faster. Target audience

The system is basically designed for the staffs who in administration and operation department of the company. The staffs in the company are from the age of 18 to 60. The user should be able to use the computer, who also understand and listen to English language. In fact, they also have to know how to operate the computer; however, the interface of the application will be easy to understand, so it wouldn’t bring huge problem to them. Besides, the system requires good eye sight and hearing in order to enhance the performance and effectiveness of the system.

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