Objectives and Role of Advertising in Communication

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1.1.1Communication and Advertising
In general, communication is simply transmitting of ideas, information, messages, experiences etc between two parties i.e. sender and receiver. In terms of marketing, sender will be the firm and receiver will be the target audience.

Advertising is any paid form or non personal presentation of messages to the target audience, sponsored by any firm or organization

Communication plays a vital role in advertising process. The messages and information to be advertised are sent to the target audience by the help of communication process. It also gets feedback from the costumer which will help the firm to take necessary steps to bring modifications in their advertisement.

1.1.2Objectives and role of Advertising in Communication
There are mainly four different objectives of communication which are fulfilled through advertising. 1.Informing:- When any product is advertised in the market using different media vehicles, the target audience get information regarding the product, company, brand, quality, features, methods of use etc. 2.Persuading:- Advertising brings forward the information relating to the direct and indirect benefits that customer will get after purchase of the product. So customers will be persuaded to buy the product. 3.Reminding:- When the frequency of the advertisement is increased and the ad of same product is displayed over and over again in different media and media vehicles, people are reminded about the product and its qualities. 4.Reinforcing:- After the advertisement process is completed, organization will get to know whether the ads were able to generate the desired results or not. If the feedback from the target audience comes negative, then, modifications have to be done in the advertisement and the messages have to be re-communicated.

1.1.3Components of Advertising
There are 5 major components/elements in advertising which are:- 1.Missions:- They are the long term of organization to be achieve through advertisement. Without understanding the missions, suitable advertisement cannot be developed in order to promote the product, company and increase market share. 2.Money:- In order to make effective advertisement, company must allocate sufficient budget. Money is required for the overall activity of advertisement like using artists, visualizers, media, technicians etc. 3.Message:- It is the main part of advertisement which includes heading, sub-heading, logos, slogans, jingles etc. message is the most important part which attracts the attention of target audience by various type of appeals. It is the information for target audience to persuade them to buy the product. 4.Media:- Whatever messages have been prepared are communicated through different medias like, display media, print media, electronic media etc. Media is away through which messages are transferred to the target audience. 5.Measurement:- After displaying the ads in various medias, the effectiveness of advertisement must be measured, i.e. whether the message was able to influence the target audience or not must be checked. If not, appropriate modifications in the ad must be done.

1.1.4. Contents of Ad Message
The contents of ad message are:-
1.Heading:- It is the title of the ad and the top part of the ad copy. It summarizes the body text in key words and draw attention of the target audience and it usually appears in bold letters. 2.Sub-heading:- They appear below the heading and support, clarify and reinforce the headline. They are smaller in font than that of headline. 3.Body Text:- In this content, the narration of the ad is made. It creates customer’s desire in the brand and product. It includes features, advantages, new schemes etc of product. 4.Slogan:- It is the short, simple , catchy and colorful words used in the ad message which attracts and holds the attention of target audience. Slogan used is easily pronounceable and pleasing to ears. It provides...
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